A Place Where Charity Flourishes

The Prophet (pbuh) said, 'The best of people is he who
gives away his hard-earned money [in charity]'(Kanz Al-Ummal)


Fundtheneedy is a crowdsourcing (a new form of crowdfunding) platform built in Laravel technology.It has two types of users: giver and Seeker. Giver is the one who funds people where as Seeker is the one acquiring the fund. This app has a mechanism of trust building called corroboration where givers can certify Seekers as well as Seekers can certify their claims through proofs. The final mode of crowdfunding takes place through exchange of transactional information where givers can transfer funds to bank account or goods to designated address.

    Like other crowdfunding platforms we do not obligate payments from Seekers and Givers
    However givers can be asked for voluntary donation
    Not only givers are able to donate money but also goods. So for example a poor farmer needs a machine and someone out of charity from China can ship him the machine.
    Seekers have to prove their claims. A giver has full flexibility to ask the Seeker as to the merits and validity of the need.
    It is global and not based on country only so that people from one country can connect to people from another country. However if a person wishes he can filter Seekers by country.
    Mechanism so that only giver can start message initiation. This can help filter out those whose needs are not genuine.

Our Vision

Fundtheneedy will help people around the world gather in one place to voluntarily and out of love give and gratefully take charity. This is a time when our government is failing us and the economic system is creating the gap between rich and poor in a tremendous amount of pace (, 2018); (, 2018). My intention is to bride this gap between rich and poor through bringing them together in one place so they know each other and help the needy/poor ones. Can this app make a difference? I pray and greatly hope that it does.

Promote class interaction in society

Promote social welfare through crowdfunding

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How to Use?

User Registration: Seeker
Fill in Info in registration form
User Registration: Giver
Fill in Info in registration form
User Registration: Notification
Check Email for successful registration
Add Plea: Seeker
Once Seeker logs in Seeker can add the plea
See Seekers List: Giver
Once giver logs in can initiate donation
Various communications options
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How does Fundtheneedy work?

Fundtheneedy has two kinds of users : Seekers who recieves donations from Givers. The donation exchange takes place either through bank transfer or paypal transfer if it is money or through delivery if these are goods. Once you donated either good or money you must confirm it to balance seeker account.

How does Seeker acquire the donation?

Depending on the type of donation (goods or money) Seeker can acquire the goods through Giver delivering and the money through bank transfer or paypal

Do you charge for using Fundtheneedy

No! Fundtheneedy will be free forever. Voluntary donations may be added in future

Do you store our bank account and card information?

If Giver and Seeker wishes to exchange donation through bank, the bank information is stored as part of the messages that they exchange. However you can bypass this by exchanging such through your personal emails.

What if I donate to a fraud account?

Fundtheneedy does not intermediate between Seeker and Giver. It is your responsibility to know who you are donating to. In future more credentials will be asked through government collaboration

What is trust building in Fundtheneedy?

A Seeker can get verified by Givers through corroboration. If enough Givers have verified a Seeker such a Seeker will have achieved a trust level.